Audits And Energy Conservation

Broad Aspects Of Energy Audit

Our evaluation of your institution, organization, industry or business will provide energy efficiency tips specific for your organization. This Energy Audit ensures that you will receive an unbiased review of habits, equipment and structure detailing so you can make informed decisions as to where your conservation efforts will reap the highest returns. The obvious outcome of the Audit is the present status with regards to Energy uses, on comparison of the same and with the parallel industry standards shall provoke the energy conservation efforts.

Aspects considered at Time of Energy Audit

  • Energy supplies and uses
  • Energy consumption
  • Energy trends & projections
  • Available technologies
  • Energy efficiency & waste
  • Environmental impact
  • Cost Reduction
  • Legislation & regulations


These inefficiencies can be minimized with :

  • Addition of Power Factor Correction Equipment
  • Cost benefit analysis based on diagnosis
  • Annual servicing / repairs of equipment, and ongoing situation monitoring
  • Free monitoring / diagnosis of your current situation
  • Specification of site solution and equipment required